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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Marvel Solicitations for May leaked.
Apparently the embargo on this information being released before the Marvel press releases lasted all of about an hour.
Many, many sites have the full May solicits up, giving full details of RELOAD among other things. This is one of them.

Hine talks District X
David Hine, creator of Mambo for 2000AD will be writing a new X-Book for Marvel as part of their Reload campaign.
The Pulse has an interview with Hine discussing the book here.

Ellis on Ultimate Fantastic Four
Newsarama are reporting that Warren Ellis will take over the writing duties on the title from Mark Millar & Brian Bendis with issue #7.
Go here for the full story.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Diggle talks Swamp Thing
The Pulse has conducted an interview with Andy Diggle, regarding his upcoming Swamp Thing mini series from Vertigo.
Read it here.

Wanted #2 Goes To Death Row
Press Release
op Cow Productions is printing a new edition of Wanted #2, also called the "Death Row" Edition. Featuring a distinguishably re-designed JG Jones cover, this 2nd printing will feature the entire story of Wanted #2 and include several new bonus pages of material showing extras like changed scenes, deleted panels, and more. Wanted #2 Death Row Edition will ship to stores on March 17th, 2004, the same day that Wanted #3 will hit stands.

As writer Mark Millar recounts, "When McLauchlin called me up and told me this
issue had sold out in thirty-six hours I was excited for a second and then had
the most horrible feeling that the whole thing is just an episode of Punk'd.
You're all just taking the piss, aren't you?"

"The response to the bonus material from Wanted #1 was so positive that we wanted to reward the fans again with more extras in the Wanted #2 Death Row edition," says Joel Elad, Top Cow Director of Marketing and Sales.

Lying In The Gutters Bit 'n' Pieces
Go here for the full gossip.

Garth Ennis has a new creator-owned series coming out from Avatar, called "303." With art by Avatar regular Jacen Burrows, expect issue 1 of "303" to ship monthly in colour starting in June, with a .99 cent preview in May.

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