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Friday, December 12, 2003
Mike Carey talks "Wetworks"
Interview at The Pulse.

Thursday, December 11, 2003
Top 300 Comics : November 2003
Diamond has just released their monthly sales charts.
They are available here.

More Abnett & Lanning
There's another interview with DnA over at Comic Book Resources

Abnett & Lanning end Legion run
From The Pulse
"It's the end of a Legion era. After Damning the Legion and Losing the Legion, the critically-acclaimed writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (DnA) is now leaving the Legion. Issue 33 will be their last and the duo plan on going out with a bang."
Go here for the full story.

Hewligan's Haircut
Rebellion Press Release

"It's not every day you're spoken to by a brick wall whilst being pursued by a squad of policemen forming a human triangle on a push bike..." - Hewligan

Released: Out Now. Price: 10.99/$16.95. ISBN: 1 904265 06 5. 48pp, Hardback.
Buy it HERE

2000 AD is pleased to announce the publication, in a European-format hardback edition, of surreal classic 2000 AD strip Hewligan's Haircut, by Peter Milligan and Jamie Hewlett.

Originally published in 1990, Hewligan's Haircut follows the titular character (an amalgam of the name Hewlett and Milligan, fact fans), as he crafts himself the world's most improbable haircut with nothing more than a pair of NHS issue safety scissors, and finds himself on a bizarre quest to save reality in a world gone distinctly dayglo. Along the way, he meets and falls in love with dimension-warping traveller Scarlet O'Gasmeter (imagine a cuter Doctor Who riding the fastest hobby horse in the West), and fights his way through more weirdness than even Dali and Bosch could come up with after an all-nighter at William Burroughs' place.

Hewligan's Haircut was written by Peter Milligan, the prolific 2000 AD scribe who created the legendary Bad Company among many other classic series, and whose recent work outside 2000 AD includes acclaimed strips such as X-Statix and Vertigo Pop! London. The series was drawn by Jamie Hewlett, well-known for the anarchic Tank Girl and a number of record covers for bands including the Senseless Things. More recently, Hewlett has played a major role in the band Gorillaz, where his distinctive art can be seen in the band's animated videos.

Hewligan's Haircut is one of the most colourful, strange and funny stories to ever appear in the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, and should appeal to all fans of the creators' other work, and anyone who can appreciate a truly mind-bending haircut.

Dreddcon Report, D'Israeli Interview
There's a whole host of goodie up at 2000AD Review right now, including an interview with D'Israeli and a report from Dreddcon 4.

Frazer Irving interview
There is an interview up at Freaky Trigger with artist Frazer Irving. Read it here.

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