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Friday, December 05, 2003
Milligan talks X-Statix, Human Target
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The Last American returns
Com.X co-founder Eddie Deighton has been talking to Newsarama about Com.X's release schedule.
Among other things, he announced that Com.X will be releasing a new collected edition of The Last American, written by John Wagner & Alan Grant, with art by Mike McMahon.

Deighton says “The Last American is a project which was originally published as a four-issue miniseries by Epic Illustrated during the early 1990's. It was written by John Wagner, Alan Grant and illustrated by Mick McMahon. We're huge fans of the guys' work and when the opportunity arose to collect the issues into one format, we jumped at the chance. Both the writing, and especially the art, were experimental and way ahead of their time. We feel that today's comic-buying public are much more ready to embrace the originality of the collected vision that was produced and we're honored that Alan, John and Mick have chosen us to publish it. Dave Gibbons has kindly offered to write the foreword to the series. An interesting anecdote: this will be the first time that the story will be seen in its correct sequence. There was a production error in the original series that meant that some of the sequential pages are actually out of order on one of the issues. We've got the chance to put things right! Due to the popularity of the original series amongst the comic fraternity, we've got a host of artists busy creating new poster art for the collected. On top of that, we've sourced some original promotional art that has never been seen before, so it should make for a great package.”

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