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Thursday, February 05, 2004
Wanted #2 Sells Out
[Ed : Yes, it's a slow news week. And yes, some would say that Millar sold out a long time ago ;)]
Diamond is currently reporting that Top Cow and Image Comics’ Wanted #2 has completely sold out of its print run through the distributor. The issue arrived into comic book stores last Wednesday, January 28th, along with Wanted #1 Death Row edition.

After hearing the news, writer Mark Millar proclaims, "It's both heart-warming and frightening to think there's that many sick bastards out there, isn't it?" Artist JG Jones reflects, "We have tapped into the Grand Theft Auto demographic here, something only a crazy Scotsman could pull off. I'm happy to be along for the sick roller coaster ride."

Wanted #1 Death Row edition continues to move through Diamond. "Wanted #1 Death Row edition was the #1 advance re-ordered book through Diamond the week before it hit stands," says Joel Elad, Top Cow Director of Marketing and Sales. "It serves as a great jump-in into the series, especially with all the bonus features."

Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Steve Yeowell Interview
Another great interview up at 2000AD Review, this time with Steve Yeowell.

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